Beyond The Placement

Post-adoption Support Services

Providing Assistance to Our Families Now and for Years to Come.

New Beginnings has provided adoption services for thousands of children since 1985. New Beginnings’ services to our family continues long after the initial adoption services are complete. Through our Beyond the Placement Program, New Beginnings offers post adoption support and services to our families and the children placed.

Assist Adult Adoptees in Exploring their Heritage and History. As an adoptee comes of age, many want to find out about their birth family heritage, history and circumstances surrounding their adoption. Our staff provides counseling to adoptees and information on how to begin their search, what to expect, and travel assistance if applicable. To find out more about a service to adult adoptees, contact Pauline Park at 516- 747-2206.

To apply for post-adoption services, download and complete the appropriate forms below:

Post-Adoption Services and Fees Form
Post-Adoption Services Adoptee Request Form
Post-Adoption Services Parent Request Form

Support and Counseling for families after the formal post-adoption services are complete. Many families find that that even after their child arrives and the adoption is finalized there are many questions or issues that arise as their child gets older. Adoptive parents often have questions related to how to handle an adoptees emotions and behaviors. Issues surrounding multi-racial families, formation of identity, grief and loss are often discussed. For support and counseling, contact Elizabeth Westermann, LMSW at 516-747-2205.

New Beginnings provides many of the Beyond the Placement services for free. We think it is important that an adoptees information does not come with a fee. We want our families to call us with questions and support whenever needed. We believe that adult adoptees who want to find out more about their history and heritage should not receive a bill from New Beginnings. These services can be involved, can take years and should be free. Your support for the Beyond the Placement Program is needed to provide theses services.

Beyond The Placement News

Putting Together A Care Package For Your Korean Child

It’s never too soon to start making a connection with your child before you travel for the first time to meet him. Care packages are a popular and effective way to begin a relationship with your child. Here are a few tips on what to include

Is International Adoption Right for You?

International adoption remains a popular way of building your family. The decision to adopt a child from a foreign country is a life changing one for both you and the child here are some things to consider to see if this is right for you.

Post-Adoption Reporting

New Beginnings would like to remind our adoptive parents how important it is to comply with the country of origin’s requirements for submitting post-adoption reports. We have reports from most families; but there are still some late reports needed for China.

Budgeting for International Adoption

When you’ve made the decision to adopt, put together a financial plan before you begin the process. Adoptions come with the standard agency, legal and home study fees, but for international adoptions, there are additional travel, visa expenses and a fee to the foreign agency to consider.

Honoring Your Adopted Child’s Heritage and Culture

The culture and heritage of your adopted child are vital elements to think about in preparation for an adoptive placement. By embracing your child’s heritage and culture, you will bring a new and exciting dimension to your family life. Your child will benefit by fostering pride and respect for his or her country of origin and its rich traditions.

Why Does your Adopted Child Need a Certificate of Citizenship?

For families who have completed the adoption process and are home with their new child, filing more paperwork is often at the bottom of their list of things to do. Fortunately, many international adoptions now result in a Certificate of Citizenship (COC) being issued...

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