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When looking for financial assistance to help reduce the cost of international adoption, there are many organizations that can help. Knowing a little about the types of assistance and what you need to apply can make this process easier and more successful.

Adoption Grants are a wonderful way to help finance your adoption. Many organizations provide grants to help cover adoption expenses.

Family Sponsorship is another common way to help finance your adoption. This would usually require the adopting family to place their profile on the organization’s website. Their family, friends, and other interested people who see the site make donations toward the adoption costs and expenses. Some family sponsorship programs are quite creative. The adoptive family volunteers services to another person in need, and get sponsors (like in a 5K run) to support the work. The proceeds would then be used for the adoption.

Matching Grants for adoption are also available. This is when the organizations matches the amount the family raises through their friends sponsorship.

Adoption Loans are also available to help cover the adoption costs, and are usually low interest or interest free.

Making the Request: Most organizations require a thorough application process. This could include financial information and tax returns. If applying to religious or faith based organizations, you should expect to submit a statement of faith and references from your priest or pastor. If you will be applying to a few organizations, the applications are similar. Applicants are usually required to have an approved home study to assure they qualify for an international adoption. Most organizations will allow applicants to receive support from multiple sources, but speak to them on this issue when submitting your application. The grant, sponsorship or loan is paid directly to the adoption agency. The payment might be at the acceptance of the referral, but more often in the final steps before the child is placed with the family.

What is Right for You: Since there is usually a fee due with the application, you should do a little research on the organization before applying. Establish communication with the organization and ask them about their project and if they are accepting applications. If it is not on the web-site, ask how many grants are given and how many applicants are denied. Grant applications might be reviewed in cycles or grants might be released in cycles. If so, make sure the timing works for your adoption. Select organizations that are a good fit in that the organization’s purpose aligns with yours. If you are considering using an organization for a family sponsorship, be prepared to build a team that will help you solicit donors. The organization will guide you, but this requires active fundraising from the adopting family.

For a list of many of the organizations that assist families in reducing international adoption costs, click here. If an organization is not on the list that you think should be included, let us know.

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