Pakistan Adoption Fees

Agency Fees

New Beginnings’ Fee

Two parts.
$1,600 due with Adoption Service Agreement; $1,000 due at home study approval

Due with agreement
Total Agency Fees: $3,450

Pakistani Service Fee

Primary Provider Services

Due at I-600A Approval
Total Foreign Program Fees: $3,000

Third Party Fees and Expenses

USCIS Expenses

I-800A filing fee, $775; fingerprints, $85 per adult in home.

Parent Education Workshops

On-line workshops with Adoption Learning Partners.

Total Incidental & Other Expenses: $1,095

New Beginnings’ Social Services

New Beginnings does the home study and post adoption services for families living in our service area of NY, NJ, PA or FL. Families that live outside our service area will use a local home study provider.

Home Study

Due at adoption service agreement
Post-Adoption Services

Due at Guardianship Approval

Total: $2,975

Pakistani Adoption Fees and Expenses Summary

Agency Fees$3,450
Pakistani Program Fees$3,000
Third Party and Other Expenses$1,095
New Beginning’s Home Study Services$2,975
Final Adoption Cost$10,520

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