Eastern Social Welfare Society

So Many or our Friends and Families have been blessed by the wonderful work of Eastern Social Welfare Society. We have four special programs that need your support.


400 Bottles a Day

Minji, only a week old, is eagerly drinking formula from a bottle while cradled in the arms of a volunteer worker for ESWS. For Minji and the 50 babies entrusted to us, ESWS uses 400 bottles every day to properly care for the 50 babies entrusted to its care. These bottles must be boiled after each feeding to comply with proper hygienic standards. As a result, these bottles become discolored and start to break down after 3 months. We always want to ensure that we have the required amount of baby bottles. With your support, ESWS will be able to provide clean and pure nourishment for our babies, without the worry of spreading germs or viruses among them.

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Disability Services

– The Rehabilitation Service for Disabled Children helps create a stable living environment for children struggling due to their disability. At the same time, the Center helps the children fully integrate into society through various methods such as providing children with education and activities that help enrich the everyday lives of these children. Your support to the Dongbang Children’s Rehabilitation Center will go to help these child and the other clients served at the center.

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Care For Babies

Approximately 30% of waiting children have medical problems that need special attention and many are in need of medical care. The Eastern Social Welfare Society takes care of many babies in dire need of medical help.

Additionally, newborn babies must have regular check-ups, shots, and treatments. Sometimes, even hospitalization is necessary. We need nurses who can take care of children around the clock. Medical treatments cost thousands of dollars each month. Please consider helping ESWS and these children.

Support the Care for Babies –>>

Single Mothers

– When possible, a child should be raised and loved by his or her mother. Eastern is making this possible through its help and support of Single Mothers to meet the challenges of parenting through job training, counseling and group homes. You help can keep a family united.

Single Mother Support –>>

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