New Beginnings needs your support to convert our thousands of stored, paper files to digital files. We receive hundreds of calls requesting information contained in the closed file. With digital files, we can quickly respond to families and adoptees who want adoption information or a vital document. Documents needed for college, travel, and careers are stored by New Beginnings. A birth family search begins with retrieving the file.

With easily accessible digital files, we can better provide social services after the child is placed.

We must retain adoption records for 99 years. Each year the number of files increases. The long-term storage and management of paper records are costly and inefficient. We need your help to solve this problem now.

Converting to digital gives us:

  • Easy access to files,
  • Quickly respond to a request,
  • Provide better services and
  • Reduces our storage cost.

Converting paper files to digital is not glamorous; however, it is needed and long overdue. We need your help in entering the digital age.

Donate to the Digital Appeal and turn this:

Paper Files

Into this:
Memory Sticks

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