Thailand Adoption Fees

Agency Fees

New Beginnings’ Fee

First portion ($2,200) Due with Agreement. Second portion ($5,200) Due with Home Study Approval.


Monitory and oversight of adoption service providers

Due with agreement
Total Agency Fees: $8,250

Program Fee

Program Coordination

Due upon the Acceptance of the Assignment.
Total Program Fees: $5,500

Third Party Fees and Expenses

USCIS Expenses

I-800A filing fee, $775; fingerprints, $85 per adult in home.
Dossier Expenses

Estimate expenses associated with legalization of dossier and translation.
Parent Education Workshops

On-line workshops with Adoption Learning Partners.
Travel and Overseas Expenses

Est. expenses for air travel, hotel, meals, finalization and visa.
$5,000 to $6,500
Psychological Evaluation

Required for home study.
$700 to $1,000
Total Third Party Expenses: $7,755 to $9,555

New Beginnings’ Social Services

New Beginnings does the home study and post-adoption services for families living in our service area of NY, NJ, PA or FL. Families who live outside our service area will use a local home study provider.

Home Study

Due at agreement.
Post-Placement Services

$425 for each report. Minimum 3 reports are needed, (due at referral).

Total Social Services: $2,975

Thailand Adoption Fees and Expenses Summary

Agency Fees$8,250
Program Fees$5,500
Third Party and Other Expenses$7,755 to $9,555
New Beginning’s Home Study Services$2,975
Final Adoption Cost$24,480 to $26,280

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