International Waiting Children

Information on three children in need of a family, posted October 30, 2018

For many people, a waiting child adoption is a wonderful way to add to their family. A waiting child is a child who is legally free for adoption, but does not yet have a permanency plan. We currently have three waiting boys from Korea. We recommend that a family that is interested in a waiting child be “home study ready”. (That means having an approved home study or having had a successful home study completed within the past three years. A family that has previously adopted through New Beginnings is also welcome.)

To review the children’s pictures and summaries, you can access the page below. If you are interested in one of the children, let us know and we can provide more information on how to proceed.

In adopting a waiting child from Korea, the family would still need to meet the Korean Requirements.

The children are on a shared list and other agencies are advocating for them until the child is referred. If a qualified home study ready family is interested in one of these waiting children, it is possible that another home study ready family could be matched with the child. Eastern Social Welfare Society is looking for the best match for the child, not necessarily the first. And no referral can be made until a current home study is approved.

Please contact us for the most up to date information on international waiting children available through New Beginnings.


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